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Don't give up... We can help!

Rangeland Strategies will connect you to our growing network of consultants, who specialize in conflict resolution with state and federal public land agencies.  Our consultants have extensive backgrounds working with federal agencies as former federal employees and former Senate staff.  We know how to get results, and we want to help you.


We offer a range of Solutions to meet your needs.

We want to hear your story. Once we know more about the challenges you are facing, we can identify the best way to help. There are multiple ways that we can help you stay one step ahead of government agencies and protect your ability to utilize public lands.

Protect Grazing Allotments

Many federal agents follow a secret agenda to reduce the number of grazing allotments on federal public land. We will help you comply with the rules and regulations that can be used against you to cancel your permits.

Conflict Resolution

If you are already experiencing conflict with a public land agency, let us advise you. The stakes are too high to do this on your own, and without professional help, you could find yourself wasting money and time on unnecessary steps designed to make you give up.

Meet Face to Face with Agency Staff

We will meet face-to-face with agency staff on your behalf. Direct engagement leads to direct results.

Assist in drafting and Reviewing Public comments

We will help you draft and review public comments submitted for Resource Managment Plans and other agency actions that will directly impact you. We know the things you can say in these comments that the agency staff cannot ignore. We want your voice to be heard and taken seriously.

Connect you with decision-makers

We have connections with numerous agency staff memebers, and we have strong relationships with members of Congress and their staff. We know how to enlist the right people to help you get the outcome you want.


We’re Here to Help


File Review

If you do business with a public land agency, they are required to keep a file on you. You are entitled to have access to your file. We can help you get access to your file and review its contents. You’ll be in a much better position to fight for your interests if you know where you already stand. You can’t afford to not know what is in your file.

Free consultation

The best way to acquaint us with your situation is through a direct consultation. We never charge you to hear your story. Once we’re familiar with the challenges you are facing, we can put together a proposal of what we think it will take to get to your desired outcome.

Public Comment Review

Not all public comments are created equal. With the right knowledge and terminology, you can submit public comments that will carry more legal weight with the agencies and set you up to succeed as new agency decisions and rules are formulated and executed. It’s much easier to follow rules when those rules are written with your interests in mind.