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If you do business with a public land agency, they are required to keep a file on you. You are entitled to have access to your file, and you can’t afford to not know what it contains. We can help you get access to your file and review its contents. You’ll be in a much better position to fight for your interests if you know where you already stand. 


Frequently Asked Questions


We have found that more often than not ranchers have no idea what is in there file. This puts them at great risk to run into trouble with land management agencies. Knowing what is in your file can prevent future conflicts.

If I keep my own records do I need to get a copy of my file?

If you keep a thorough record of all your interactions with an agency, you have a good head start. We can check your records against theirs and make sure there isn’t any missing information.

Can't i just do this myself?

We strongly recommend that you acquire and maintain a current copy of your file. If you are comfortable working with the agency(ies) and have time to collect your file, please do so. We find that many ranchers and others who do business with public land agencies miss the important steps in collecting a complete file. Taking time to obtain the agency records will provide insight into their history on your interests and will clue you in on potential problems down the road.

How will i get my file?

You will almost always have to go into the land management agency you work with to get a copy of your file. However, they are legally required to provide it for you. In our initial phone consultation we will help you develop a plan to make sure you get a copy of your file without creating any problems at the agency.

Is my information safe with you?

We take the confidential information of our clients very seriously. All file reviews require a signed privacy release form. If you sign up for a yearly maintenance plan, we will also store and protect your data for you, so you never lose it.

Why should I do this on a yearly basis?

There is an organized movement to restrict grazing on public lands. Those who are involved in this movement work constantly to achieve their goals, and this movement has many allies working within public land agencies. An organized response is necessary. As more of our clients sign up for yearly review plans, it helps us get a bigger picture of how we can help you and your fellow ranchers maintain strong working relationships with public land agencies and protect your business for the long term.

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