Our Team


Our growing network of consultants have the background and experience to help you resolve your conflicts. We will match you with the consultant with the right set of skills and connections to address your specific issues with the public land agencies you work with.

01. Experience

Our consultants have experience working with every major land management agency. They also maintain strong connections to the offices of state and federal officials. We know how agencies and congressional staff work, because we have spent years working across multiple branches of government.

02. Knowledge

Our consultants love the challenge of learning the unique characteristics of each case. If they don’t already intimately understand the issues you are facing, they will apply the broad knowledge they’ve gained to quickly understand your issues and chart a path to move forward. We’re not afraid to do the necessary research to make sure you have the upper hand in your dealings with public agencies.

03. Passion

Each of our consultants have had extensive careers in the public sector, and they want to make their skills and experience available to their clients. Their first motive is to help you resolve and prevent conflicts as painlessly as possible.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

While it is impossible to predict that we can help resolve every case, we will only offer our services where we are confident we can help. We are proud of the success rate of our team, and most of our new clients come from referrals from other satisfied clients.


Cases Result in Positive Outcomes for Clients


of clients refer our services to industry peers

Our Team Of Professionals

Ben Burr


Ben spent his summers in high school working for his dad’s helicopter logging company harvesting timber from public forests in the West. He has since owned and operated businesses in the software and restaurant industries. After working for Senator Lee for 7 years and Senator Sasse for 3 years, he is ready to bring his entrepreneurial background, his research and writing skills, and his knowledge of public administration to work for you. 


What We Do Best

Strategic Planning

The best defense is a good offense. We can help you stay a few steps ahead of the agencies you work with by helping you proactively protect your interests.



We want to dig into the details of your case. We have time to read through and understand the paperwork that too often prevents you from running your business.


Sometimes a face-to-face meeting is the only way to get results. We will do what it takes to connect you to the right decision-makers.


Once we’re familiar with your case, we’ll help you understand what matters, what doesn’t, and where we should focus the most effort.

Hard Work

Often times public land agencies get what they want by wearing down your will to fight. This tactic won’t work on us, because we won’t give up. We will do what we can to ensure that delaying tactics create liabilities for the agencies instead of for you.

Positive Attitude

Public land agencies will often try to make your case feel hopeless. Hopelessness signals that you’re about to give up. When we represent you, we will always do so with a positive outlook and the sense of confidence it takes to get favorable outcomes.